This division,managed by a Senior Manager and his subordinates, is responsible for the supervision, completion and handing over all completed telecommunication projects under various Telecommunication Company. The work scope under these projects include planning, surveying, civil infrastructure work, installation of manholes, pole planting, installation of cables, overhead & underground, splicing, terminating, testing of cables and installation of racking, cabinet and frames which require skills, well-trained personnel and special tools and equipment.

This division, under the management of a Senior Technical Manager with many years of exposure in Telecommunication works with the main Telcos & electrical works with TNB and supported by qualified team members is confident of performing, delivering and completing jobs of similar capacities both in government and private sectors.

Currently this division is mostly engaged in supporting all electrical works under Timedotcom and Fibrecomm projects in the Northern Region. Nevertheless, with competent team leaders, the division can easily expand to cater for more future upcoming projects.


Civil Construction

This division is headed by a Senior Construction Manager. With proven track records personally for timely completion of several Government schools with our associated company, good management and supported by experienced, diligent and dedicated staffs well verse in project and finance and the ability to sustain through bad times to date, the company is confident and believes of a better and brighter future in the construction industry nationwide both in government and public sectors.

Condition Base Monitoring Services

Infrared Mechanical Inspection

Technology UE System UP15000

Analysis Program Tracking & Corona